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Community service and initiatives

We are out here to love and serve our community. This means a lot to us. We are currently putting together our work-plan. We are also open to partnership, so please give us a shout if you will love to work with us or if you need volunteers. We will make this public once we are set to go.

Growth and Mentorship

We intend to provide mentorship for those interested at whatever level they or age group they belong to. We run these based on registered interest, and as we deem necessary. Please register your interest with us. Among others, some examples of life-changing courses we run include:

You are more than welcome to explore these and more

Programs and Events

Prayer Doors

We are raising a team of persons who pray for others in love and sincere care; who leverage on the power of agreement to pray for individuals, communities and nations. We know that God answers prayers and wants to answer yours too; so, we would love to join you in prayers